Saturday, 19 May 2012

Healthy Food???

Well I thought this would be easy to do, you know eat healthy and lose weight become fit and healthy. WRONG!!!

There is so much information about food, so many misleading comments made, so many companies wanting to make money from you.

So far I have found out Sugar is bad, fat is bad, carbohydrate is bad, too much meat is bad, veg is good and so is fruit as long as pesticides and fertilisers have not been used.

Then there is the fact they are not as tasty cos they have been grown to order in hothouses, then the Supermarkets wasting loads cos they do not look good enough.

Then there are the diets...
Low Fat, High fibre, protein, carb free, the list is endless, but don't forget exercise...
Is that 30 mins a day or interval training or spinning or classes or yoga, pilates or more?

This is more confusing than I anticipated, then I have to be careful not to slip back into my Anorexia ways, but then I am tempted to be Pro Ana cos its what I know.

The quest continues....

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