Thursday, 9 August 2012

Does Google really want to pay you?

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No games, tricks, or schemes

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(Google and Clickbank) In the Month of February, 2011 they made $6,953 with Google and in the Month of May 2011 they made $27,852 with Google which was around a $20,000 jump in 3 months.  By the End of this year they will end up earning around $70,000 monthly with Google from the 300+ pages they keep building for themselves.   They average around $10,000 every month with Clickbank right now.  I should be earning around $20,000 every month by the end of the year.

$6,953.32 in February of 2011

google2 (32K)

$27.852. 11 in May of 2011

Average of $10,000 Every Month with Clickbank - 2011


Note: We always ask for a nice picture of our clients when they send us Testimonials. 

Here's what a few users of the program had to say:

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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Niche Reaper

                                   Niche Reaper

Wouldn't it be easier if somehow you knew exactly which niches will make you money BEFORE you waste any time on keyword research?

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I’m sure you’ve experienced all the same challenges and frustrations in your business as I have in mine, as hundreds if not thousands of others do…
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As a business owner, entrepreneur or employee your time should be spent actually making money?

Unfortunately it’s necessary but Keyword research is boring…

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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

RankBuilder 2.0 - The new link building software?

                                        RankBuilder 2.0

What is RankBuilder 2.0?

Rank Builder is a software program that will help you get backlinks and web properties to get you listed higher in the Google Ranks. The added feature of this software is that you can leave it to run on autopilot and go do something else.

The software is user friendly and easy to understand and install. There are six modules that will help you develop specific backlinks.

Module 1 - The Link Wheel Builder

Web properties are powerful backlinks when they are used in link networks.Trying to build multiple link networks is time consuming and complex, add to the mix that Google are constantly penalizing site owners, this software will help you create thousands of web properties and link networks to help get more traffic to your page.

The more traffic you get to your page, the higher your page will rank and vice versa, but we also can manipulate the RSS feeds. We can combine all our RSS feeds together and submit one feed to 10 RSS Directories.

After all that we then get to use the link booster. We will now send everything we just created to the best bookmarking sites on the web, this will get us even more backlinks and even more traffic to our page.

Module 2 - Profile Link Builder

Another source of backlinks can be obtained from profile links. These add variety to your backlinks, and more variety gives better results. Rank Builder has over 1000 PR sites and forums, and if you use the spinner feature, you will be submitting unique profile links, and Google loves unique.

Module 3 - Social Bookmark Module

Social bookmarks are a great source of traffic, and this module allows you to create 30 backlinks to some of the best bookmarks around. we use these as second and third tier links and these help your first tier links get indexed by the likes of Google.

Module 4 - Article Submitter

Articles are a fantastic source of backlinks and should be used as much as possible. The more articles you write including links to your page the better as these create more backlinks. The Rank Builder Article Submitter can submit several articles to the top 20 Article Directories on the Internet. Now some people have stopped doing articles because of the recent changes Google implemented, but they are still good at creating variety in your backlinks, more variety, more traffic.

Module 5 - Press Release Submitter

Press releases do well in Google and get plenty of traffic, this mode comes with 30 Press release platforms for you to use to get good quality traffic.

Module 6 - Video Submitter

Video Marketing is one of the top methods of marketing out there and will remain so for years to come. Videos rank well within Google and get lots of traffic to your page, this module can submit videos on video sharing sites for you, another resource you need to grab and use to get the modern fast convenient traffic.


This software is very good at what it does, but be mindful when using it as Google gets picky about how many backlinks directing to one page show up, they will Know if these links are being generated naturally.

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Submitting your website to Search Engines

Have you considered submitting your site to over 100 search engines?

You can have your site on 500 search engines including Google, Bing and Yahoo.

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Monday, 9 July 2012

What is SFI Affiliate Marketing?

SFI Marketing Group

SFI (Strong Future International) started in 1998 in the United States and had only one product for sale. Now SFI have over 51000 products and services available to be sold in 190 countries worldwide.
Anyone of legal age in their country that has access to a computer and internet connection has the opportunity to take advantage of the worldwide e-commerce revolution thanks to SFI.
Once you register as an affiliate with SFI you have access to professional websites to market SFI’s wide range of products online. SFI will also provide you with sales service support. This includes payment processing, shipment/postage for products and customer service. All this is free to the affiliate. For each sale you get, SFI will pay you an affiliate commission; you can earn more commissions by building and leading your own teams of affiliates.

SFI's Corporate Headquarters in Lincoln, Nebraska

Gery Carson is the founder, CEO and President of SFI. Gery has been a Pioneering force in internet marketing and direct sales for over 20 years, due to his background in marketing and distribution; he was classed as a top marketer and a record breaking distributor. His achievements have earned him recognition in money maker’s monthly, upline and opportunity world magazine.

Affiliates promote their own Tripleclicks store at which has over 51000 products and services on offer. You can sell your unwanted items for cash on there as well as earning commissions on promoting products too.  Click here look at the store.

The Affiliate Program
When you sign up to be an affiliate here you get given your own members area. Within this area you have opportunities to earn Versa Points. These points are earned by doing actions. These actions have point values, ranging from 1 point in easy tasks in your daily to-do list up to as much as 150 points for some tasks. These points then are used to earn an income within the Tripleclicks Executive Pool.
Then you can earn 45% CV Direct commission for sales within Tripleclicks, an added bonus is that if the sale is from someone who is not an affiliate you earn all the Versa Points. You can also earn every time they buy for the rest of your life.
Now when you have your own team of affiliates you activate the Versa Point Matching plan. So not only do you earn your points but you also earn the same points as the affiliates in your team.
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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Lump sum Profits

When I very first viewed a video on the Lump Sum Profits web-site, I remember thinking, "Wow, this kid knows his stuff." It brought to mind the thrill I had the first time I bought and sold that Photoshop website (and the profits!).

The fact about Internet website marketing and selling is the 'messiness' of it. First you need to make a site. Next you need to understand an effective way to make it profitable. Often it is easier in theory.

Lump Sum Profits will give you all that. Well, at least it did for me. It trained me in how to locate web sites available for sale, how to earn money on those internet websites, and how to sell them! All I needed to do was continue with the system!

A few months ago, I finished the actual Lump Sum Profits program and am at the moment promoting my 7th website. At the start, I acquired a handful of niche websites which had some traffic and added text link ads, banners and adsense blocks. Those ad spaces started off earning some profit, and so i sold the sites anyway. The profits were then reinvested in bigger, more aggressive sites that will, in turn, bring in more money when they're sold...

First there are a couple of things I'd personally like to reveal to you from the Lump Sum Profits method.

The very first suggestion I'm able to give you is always to begin looking into for websites to acquire. That's where I buy and sell almost all of my stuff. The marketplace is uncomplicated to use and they've already got a score method which means you know who you're doing business with.

The second idea I want to provide you is to search for affiliate offers on Make sure you check into Lump Sum Profits more if you're fascinated in getting and selling internet websites.

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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

What does Search Engine Optimisation actually mean?

Seo is an web online promotion strategy that includes increasing the chances of finding certain keywords on the Internet through search engines. These keywords are consequently used in organisation sites and clients will likely land on these sites by looking these particular keywords.

The look for website look for website search engine optimisation expert will engage in other abilities rather than just feeding keywords on articles on the website. All these techniques are aimed at improving web page rank on search engines. A look for website expert will likely combine SEO with other abilities such as web style. Therefore, a organisation talking to a look for website look for website search engine optimisation expert for SEO may acquire these additional solutions at a cheaper rate compared to the rates when it seeks a separate web style expert.

Many organisations are turning to these specialists who are experienced and experienced in Internet promotion. The desire for talking to these experts has developed among improve in interest in Internet promotion. Online promotion includes a number of techniques that are tailored to improve revenue such as advertising, promoting and selling of items.

There are several factors that one needs to consider before selecting the right expert. This does not mean that an individual cannot bring out look for website look for website search engine optimisation alone. In fact, many organisations employ experts to do it for them instead of hiring a talking to company or the experts from outside the company. Nevertheless, these experts have special resources that help achieve look for website look for website search engine optimisation in addition to having the specialised experience and knowledge to bring out the perform.

Search website look for website search engine optimisation requires a lot of efforts, concentration and time, thus an established in this field would be better placed to do the perform if the beneficiary is not well experienced on Internet promotion techniques. A look for website expert may be discussed either when the organisation wants to initially venture in Internet promotion by releasing a website or when they want to boost the abilities they have already implemented in their website.

Needless to say, a look for website look for website search engine optimisation expert will require knowing whether the organisation is already running a website or not. He would be better placed to bring out SEO when the owners of the organisation are occupied and have several other things to do. This means that some organisations would seek an established when they want quicker solutions.

A expert will likely give better SEO results because he/she is using expert resources. Such resources used include those that look for for common keywords that various clients are using to look for for items. Mainly, these look for website look for website search engine optimisation resources are software programs that are run on the Internet to look for for a variety of web pages.

The first success for SEO is determined by the recognition of the right chosen keywords. Usually, a look for website look for website search engine optimisation expert may either be provided with keywords and the website that they need to boost or may be required to first begin looking for keywords. Identification of such keywords may include SEO research, which is obviously tedious.

Another advantage of involving a look for website look for website search engine optimisation expert is because they are well-versed with the SEO requirements, moral significances as well as the necessary policies that will affect the look for website search engine optimisation process. The SEO guidelines and requirements are essential to preventing illegal techniques that are used in Internet promotion and SEO. These may either be new or old, yet not accessible to organisations seeking SEO solutions. The observance of these guidelines and requirements is very essential to preventing blacklisting of sites.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Make money online - FREE NO OUTLAY

Since 1998, SFI has been leading the Internet income revolution
with its cutting edge affiliate program that empowers even average
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service for you. You just have to cash the commission
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Thursday, 24 May 2012


I must admit I am slightly annoyed at people who smoke and drink who will put their cigarettes, alcohol and in some cases drugs (cannabis) before food, electricity and gas.

I did smoke myself up till January of this year. One week it was really cold and I was faced with the choice of putting gas on my meter or buying cigarettes. I made the logical choice for my children and me and bought the gas so we could have heating. From then I have not smoked.

Yet I have a friend who has children who will go without gas, electric and food, making her children do the same just so she can buy cigarettes. I heard her making arrangements to buy cannabis BEFORE going food shopping for her family.

When I approached her about this, she said she knew she should not put her cigarettes and cannabis first and had not thought of it that way.

How can a mother allow her family to go without when she could so easily give up the cigarettes and give them more. She would have more money to buy more food, and as a side benefit be healthier?

I cannot understand the mentality of these people, when I was put in the same position to choose, it was a no brainer, not hard, took no thinking, I just quit...

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Healthy Food???

Well I thought this would be easy to do, you know eat healthy and lose weight become fit and healthy. WRONG!!!

There is so much information about food, so many misleading comments made, so many companies wanting to make money from you.

So far I have found out Sugar is bad, fat is bad, carbohydrate is bad, too much meat is bad, veg is good and so is fruit as long as pesticides and fertilisers have not been used.

Then there is the fact they are not as tasty cos they have been grown to order in hothouses, then the Supermarkets wasting loads cos they do not look good enough.

Then there are the diets...
Low Fat, High fibre, protein, carb free, the list is endless, but don't forget exercise...
Is that 30 mins a day or interval training or spinning or classes or yoga, pilates or more?

This is more confusing than I anticipated, then I have to be careful not to slip back into my Anorexia ways, but then I am tempted to be Pro Ana cos its what I know.

The quest continues....

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Latest Obsession

I am responding well to my treatment for Anxiety, depression and panic attacks. The new meds I was given seem to be working a treat, I have had the dosage upped by the Doctor but they seem to be working well.

So now instead of obsessing about my weight and getting depressed even more, then comfort eating I have decided to eat a healthier diet permanently. So out have gone all the processed foods all the time and in has come more fresh fruit and veg.

This has lead me to start researching about all the additives and preservatives in food.

I have been learning an awful lot and am preparing some more blogs on each topic as I think they are very interesting and am enjoying the research. I hope to do the first topic next week, till then, have a wonderful time and enjoy yourself.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Madeleine McCann

I do hope this girl is alive and well, if anyone has seen her then please do contact the police and let them know.

I do not want to offend anyone with my views and must say I do have questions related to Madeleine McCann's disappearance.

From the reports over the years we are lead to believe that Madeleine along with her brother and sister were left alone in the holiday apartment asleep. They were checked by their father and he was chatting outside so the front door of the apartment was not an option as to the entry and exit of the alleged abductor. There was also disputes as to whether the window was a viable entrance and exit for the alleged abductor. There are also rumours as to whether cadaver dogs detected the scent of Madeleine on various items including her stuffed toy. Plus the rumours of Blood, DNA evidence in the boot of the hire car.

I myself am a mother, living in the UK. One question I have is why did social services not prosecute the McCann's for neglect? I am sure the authorities would have no hesitation of removing my remaining children and accusing me of neglect if I left 3 children under 5 alone while I was in a Tapas bar.

I have in the past experienced the way social services conduct enquiries, which leads me to ask how the McCann's have been able to avoid the confidentiality clause the authority place you under?

Now it was reported Mrs McCann was finding Madeleine's behaviour to be attention seeking after the twins were born, so why would an abductor steal a toddler when a baby was there? Would it not make more sense that a baby would be easier to pass off than an older child? Would Madeleine not wake up and kick up fuss when a stranger had hold of her? This is considering the McCann's stated Madeleine had been attention seeking.

Now when the investigation into her disappearance was ongoing why were the McCann's bothered by what their family and the press would say? Surely the only thing on your mind would be the safe return of your child.

Why did they feel the need to hire expensive legal teams and why have they made money under the guise of a charity? They have now written a book that they are going to profit from.

From information in the public domain I have noticed that when opinion did not match the McCann's clear disputes with no substantial evidence were made and possible law suits followed from the McCann camp.

It seems now 5 years on more people are questioning what really happened on that fateful night when Madeleine disappeared and are not accepting what they are being told.

I do hope Madeleine is alive, but that opens up more questions.

If she is found, what happens if she does not remember the McCanns?

What if she is happy and wants to stay where she is?

Would it be fair to remove her from a family that she knows and put her with one she does not know?

This is assuming she is safe and well.

If on the other hand Madeleine did die, whether it be by accident or murder, then I hope the persons responsible for the death and concealment for the last 5 years are brought to justice.

I hope the British Review will answer all the questions I and many others have.

Somebody needs to be held accountable for the disappearance of that little girl, whether it is "alleged accident", "alleged murder" or "alleged abduction"...

I am stating an opinion, not intending to upset or offend anyone, should anyone feel upset or offended then I do apologise.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Lied to

I don't know about you, but I am sick of those near and dear to me lying to me. Seems they think its ok to lie and kick off when they get found out.
I seem to spend all my life being lied to, shouted at or being told how bad or useless I am...


Tuesday, 3 April 2012


Sorry I have neglected my blog recently, I have had a bad time with my mental health and weight, so from today I am going to be writing about how exercise (moderate, walking the dog for a couple of hours), and healthy diet is going to help me lose weight and feel mentally healthy. 
I am also going to be commenting on the counselling sessions I signed up for too

Till later bye

am off to eat a handful of lettuce and a tomato before I venture out in the cold and wet to go to the beach

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

a real friend


cat and mouse

Everything in life is temporary

Wrong things

Adam and Eve



bigger sink?

very clever, there is no lady there!

losing your teeth