Thursday, 24 May 2012


I must admit I am slightly annoyed at people who smoke and drink who will put their cigarettes, alcohol and in some cases drugs (cannabis) before food, electricity and gas.

I did smoke myself up till January of this year. One week it was really cold and I was faced with the choice of putting gas on my meter or buying cigarettes. I made the logical choice for my children and me and bought the gas so we could have heating. From then I have not smoked.

Yet I have a friend who has children who will go without gas, electric and food, making her children do the same just so she can buy cigarettes. I heard her making arrangements to buy cannabis BEFORE going food shopping for her family.

When I approached her about this, she said she knew she should not put her cigarettes and cannabis first and had not thought of it that way.

How can a mother allow her family to go without when she could so easily give up the cigarettes and give them more. She would have more money to buy more food, and as a side benefit be healthier?

I cannot understand the mentality of these people, when I was put in the same position to choose, it was a no brainer, not hard, took no thinking, I just quit...


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