Monday, 9 July 2012

What is SFI Affiliate Marketing?

SFI Marketing Group

SFI (Strong Future International) started in 1998 in the United States and had only one product for sale. Now SFI have over 51000 products and services available to be sold in 190 countries worldwide.
Anyone of legal age in their country that has access to a computer and internet connection has the opportunity to take advantage of the worldwide e-commerce revolution thanks to SFI.
Once you register as an affiliate with SFI you have access to professional websites to market SFI’s wide range of products online. SFI will also provide you with sales service support. This includes payment processing, shipment/postage for products and customer service. All this is free to the affiliate. For each sale you get, SFI will pay you an affiliate commission; you can earn more commissions by building and leading your own teams of affiliates.

SFI's Corporate Headquarters in Lincoln, Nebraska

Gery Carson is the founder, CEO and President of SFI. Gery has been a Pioneering force in internet marketing and direct sales for over 20 years, due to his background in marketing and distribution; he was classed as a top marketer and a record breaking distributor. His achievements have earned him recognition in money maker’s monthly, upline and opportunity world magazine.

Affiliates promote their own Tripleclicks store at which has over 51000 products and services on offer. You can sell your unwanted items for cash on there as well as earning commissions on promoting products too.  Click here look at the store.

The Affiliate Program
When you sign up to be an affiliate here you get given your own members area. Within this area you have opportunities to earn Versa Points. These points are earned by doing actions. These actions have point values, ranging from 1 point in easy tasks in your daily to-do list up to as much as 150 points for some tasks. These points then are used to earn an income within the Tripleclicks Executive Pool.
Then you can earn 45% CV Direct commission for sales within Tripleclicks, an added bonus is that if the sale is from someone who is not an affiliate you earn all the Versa Points. You can also earn every time they buy for the rest of your life.
Now when you have your own team of affiliates you activate the Versa Point Matching plan. So not only do you earn your points but you also earn the same points as the affiliates in your team.
So now you know the basics, what you waiting for? Click here and check it out.

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