Tuesday, 10 July 2012

RankBuilder 2.0 - The new link building software?

                                        RankBuilder 2.0

What is RankBuilder 2.0?

Rank Builder is a software program that will help you get backlinks and web properties to get you listed higher in the Google Ranks. The added feature of this software is that you can leave it to run on autopilot and go do something else.

The software is user friendly and easy to understand and install. There are six modules that will help you develop specific backlinks.

Module 1 - The Link Wheel Builder

Web properties are powerful backlinks when they are used in link networks.Trying to build multiple link networks is time consuming and complex, add to the mix that Google are constantly penalizing site owners, this software will help you create thousands of web properties and link networks to help get more traffic to your page.

The more traffic you get to your page, the higher your page will rank and vice versa, but we also can manipulate the RSS feeds. We can combine all our RSS feeds together and submit one feed to 10 RSS Directories.

After all that we then get to use the link booster. We will now send everything we just created to the best bookmarking sites on the web, this will get us even more backlinks and even more traffic to our page.

Module 2 - Profile Link Builder

Another source of backlinks can be obtained from profile links. These add variety to your backlinks, and more variety gives better results. Rank Builder has over 1000 PR sites and forums, and if you use the spinner feature, you will be submitting unique profile links, and Google loves unique.

Module 3 - Social Bookmark Module

Social bookmarks are a great source of traffic, and this module allows you to create 30 backlinks to some of the best bookmarks around. we use these as second and third tier links and these help your first tier links get indexed by the likes of Google.

Module 4 - Article Submitter

Articles are a fantastic source of backlinks and should be used as much as possible. The more articles you write including links to your page the better as these create more backlinks. The Rank Builder Article Submitter can submit several articles to the top 20 Article Directories on the Internet. Now some people have stopped doing articles because of the recent changes Google implemented, but they are still good at creating variety in your backlinks, more variety, more traffic.

Module 5 - Press Release Submitter

Press releases do well in Google and get plenty of traffic, this mode comes with 30 Press release platforms for you to use to get good quality traffic.

Module 6 - Video Submitter

Video Marketing is one of the top methods of marketing out there and will remain so for years to come. Videos rank well within Google and get lots of traffic to your page, this module can submit videos on video sharing sites for you, another resource you need to grab and use to get the modern fast convenient traffic.


This software is very good at what it does, but be mindful when using it as Google gets picky about how many backlinks directing to one page show up, they will Know if these links are being generated naturally.

 So what you waiting for? Click here and check it out... 


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