Thursday, 2 February 2012

Sour finale for Big Yin

Billy Connolly
Billy Connolly
AUDIENCE members have told how the Blackpool-leg of comedy legend Billy Connolly’s tour ended on a sour note.
Many of those in the audience at his Opera House show on Saturday said the star (pictured) walked off stage towards the end of his performance.
It came after he was reportedly heckled.
The 69-year-old was in the midst of telling a joke when he was sworn at by a woman in the audience. He promptly finished his joke and walked off stage, cutting the second night of his two-night show short.
Ffyona McKeating, 39, a solicitor from Walton-le-Dale, near Preston, was attending the Oprah House show with her husband.
She told The Gazette: “It was terrible.
“I couldn’t believe it because I’ve got a 14-month-old child and I’m pregnant, so I don’t get out very much and wanted to see him.
“It was such an anti climax and I felt he should have been used to hecklers. I’ve seen other comedians who shake off hecklers.”
Alan Wright, 50, a communications officer from Chorley, was also at the performance.
He added: “He was going on about strokes and it was quite a touchy subject, but he was trying to make light of a difficult situation, then someone shouted at him.
“It was a disappointing end to a really good night because he had been on form.
“A few people were shouting at the start and he told them how he dealt with hecklers at the start, but he walked out when he was shouted at. There were times when I was crying with laughter because he is my favourite comedian and I think he is a hero.”
The star’s management were unavailable for comment.

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