Thursday, 26 April 2012

Madeleine McCann

I do hope this girl is alive and well, if anyone has seen her then please do contact the police and let them know.

I do not want to offend anyone with my views and must say I do have questions related to Madeleine McCann's disappearance.

From the reports over the years we are lead to believe that Madeleine along with her brother and sister were left alone in the holiday apartment asleep. They were checked by their father and he was chatting outside so the front door of the apartment was not an option as to the entry and exit of the alleged abductor. There was also disputes as to whether the window was a viable entrance and exit for the alleged abductor. There are also rumours as to whether cadaver dogs detected the scent of Madeleine on various items including her stuffed toy. Plus the rumours of Blood, DNA evidence in the boot of the hire car.

I myself am a mother, living in the UK. One question I have is why did social services not prosecute the McCann's for neglect? I am sure the authorities would have no hesitation of removing my remaining children and accusing me of neglect if I left 3 children under 5 alone while I was in a Tapas bar.

I have in the past experienced the way social services conduct enquiries, which leads me to ask how the McCann's have been able to avoid the confidentiality clause the authority place you under?

Now it was reported Mrs McCann was finding Madeleine's behaviour to be attention seeking after the twins were born, so why would an abductor steal a toddler when a baby was there? Would it not make more sense that a baby would be easier to pass off than an older child? Would Madeleine not wake up and kick up fuss when a stranger had hold of her? This is considering the McCann's stated Madeleine had been attention seeking.

Now when the investigation into her disappearance was ongoing why were the McCann's bothered by what their family and the press would say? Surely the only thing on your mind would be the safe return of your child.

Why did they feel the need to hire expensive legal teams and why have they made money under the guise of a charity? They have now written a book that they are going to profit from.

From information in the public domain I have noticed that when opinion did not match the McCann's clear disputes with no substantial evidence were made and possible law suits followed from the McCann camp.

It seems now 5 years on more people are questioning what really happened on that fateful night when Madeleine disappeared and are not accepting what they are being told.

I do hope Madeleine is alive, but that opens up more questions.

If she is found, what happens if she does not remember the McCanns?

What if she is happy and wants to stay where she is?

Would it be fair to remove her from a family that she knows and put her with one she does not know?

This is assuming she is safe and well.

If on the other hand Madeleine did die, whether it be by accident or murder, then I hope the persons responsible for the death and concealment for the last 5 years are brought to justice.

I hope the British Review will answer all the questions I and many others have.

Somebody needs to be held accountable for the disappearance of that little girl, whether it is "alleged accident", "alleged murder" or "alleged abduction"...

I am stating an opinion, not intending to upset or offend anyone, should anyone feel upset or offended then I do apologise.

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