Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Seems that no matter what arrangements I state I want in a relationship it never happens. Seems each time the men involved in my life will agree to my terms then after a short while back out and do what they want... I seem to remember saying he could stay over 3 nights in each 7 day period, worked out fine at first, then came school hols, I knew he would not go after 3 days and on the fifth night I had to tell him to go home the following day. Then to top it he made no move to go on the sixth day so I had to tell him to go at the  end of the next hour.... Also when we made the agreement on how we were going to be in our relationship, he stated he would watch anything I wanted as previously he took control of the tv and we had to watch what he wanted, well by the fourth night he could not control himself any longer and when I left the room there he was remote control in hand flicking through the tv guide. He saw I was not impressed and put the remote down, but when bedtime arrived, completely different story, he took the bedroom remote picked what he wanted to watch and kept the remote by him, he didn't even have the courtesy to ask what I wanted to watch, he did the same on the fifth night, and now he wonders why I am having second thoughts... Does he not remember when he was drunk him saying if things did not become serious then he would walk away... we all know that meant he wanted me to let him move back in, like last time, h spent a few pounds on a bit of food that would last about 4 days for main meals, not including breakfast, lunch or snacks, I would be left picking up the food bill for those plus the other 10 days worth of food, plus gas, electricity, sky bill etc.... yeah I would love that, living rent free and spending roughly £40 on a bit of food for a fortnight, but I live in the real world, he costs me money and I cost him nothing cos we all know if he was not at mine he would still be drinking vodka just somewhere else... get real cos you are so close to getting kicked to the kerb, there are no benefits to me being in a relationship with him but he gets many benefits from being in a relationship with me... oh heck lets be done with it, he is going to be told how I feel and that in my eyes we are done!!!!

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